Meet Dr. Hung

Soundental is a special place. We are a private practice that has served the community for more than 35 years. Our patients have trusted us with their kids, grandkids, and even great-grandkids during that time. We truly believe in providing services as though each patient was our own family member.

I love working in dentistry. It’s one of the few professions where mind and hands interact to enhance the patient’s well-being. This profession allows me to be creative and artistic while also improving our patients’ quality of life. My passion is to help patients overcome their insecurities by improving their smiles. This gives me a great sense of accomplishment and satisfaction.

It has been my privilege to serve the community in a private practice since 1998. I feel very fortunate and proud to say I have been in the same practice and group my entire career, and I look forward to many more years to come.

Education and Continuing Education

I earned my undergraduate degree from Oberlin College (BA; Sigma Xi Honor Society) and received my dental degree from Columbia University’s School of Dental and Oral Surgery in New York City. I also received postgraduate training in the general practice residency program at the Yale School of Medicine/Yale-New Haven Hospital.

Since graduating, I have served as associate professor and faculty member at the Yale School of Medicine Department of Dentistry/Department of Surgery at Yale-New Haven Hospital for the dental general practice residency program. I also have served on the faculty of the University of New Haven School of Hygiene and adjunct faculty at Nova Southeastern University College of Dental Medicine in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Having the opportunity to interact with recent graduating dental students enables me to keep up to date and fresh on what young professionals are learning these days. It also allows me to give back and teach what I have learned over the years in private practice.

I also routinely attend continuing education courses that focus on aesthetics, restorative dentistry, implants, endodontics, geriatrics, and other modern dental techniques. As a health professional, it is my responsibility to offer the most updated and modern treatments to my patients.

Professional Memberships/Affiliations

Outside the Office

I grew up in a small farm town in southwestern Ohio where community and family were valued above everything else. I’ve lived in Milford for the past 12 years, where the town motto is “A Small City with a Big Heart.” I share my home with my four-year-old Golden-doodle named Owen who loves nothing more than to chase tennis balls and sleep on my couch. I am active in various sports, including tennis, golf, and occasional biking.

I truly believe in community service and paying it forward. Recently, I have had the chance to travel internationally on various missions and provide dental services to people in need. I’ve participated in at least four missions, and each one is as fulfilling as the previous one. Each mission has provided an opportunity to apply my skills and techniques to a completely different world.

There’s an excerpt from J.D. Salinger’s The Catcher in the Rye that goes:

“Anyway, I keep picturing all these little kids playing some game in this big field of rye and all. Thousands of little kids, and nobody’s around — nobody big, I mean — except me. And I’m standing on the edge of some crazy cliff. What I have to do, I have to catch everybody if they start to go over the cliff — I mean if they’re running and they don’t look where they’re going I have to come out from somewhere and catch them. That’s all I do all day. I’d just be the catcher in the rye and all. I know it’s crazy, but that’s the only thing I’d really like to be.” — Holden Caulfield

As the practice owner, a server to the community, and dental professional, I believe I have been blessed to be the Catcher in the Rye.

If you would like to schedule an appointment with Dr. Hung, or have any questions, please contact our West Haven dental practice today!

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